The 7 Keys

Chapter Headings 1 - 7 Keys

The main focus is to generate income and grow your asset, that's why it’s important to have a plan. Your focus and emotions play a huge role, this section is about knowing your goals and staying true to yourself and your chosen path.

Chapter Headings 1 - 7 Keys2

Once you know your investment goals, you need to figure out which property will help you meet them. Here we cover location, property types and the market cycle – by knowing the options available you can get them right from the start.

Chapter Headings 1 - 7 Keys3

Discover the ground rules for buying an investment property, including what you need to have organised before you make an offer, what dynamics will impact the sale price, and how to buy a property at auction or by private treaty.

Chapter Headings 1 - 7 Keys4

Appearances and first impressions are vital to success. Presentation is more than skin deep – safety issues, low-maintenance appliances and cleanliness can make a real difference to both your bottom line and your peace of mind.

Chapter Headings 1 - 7 Keys5

Choosing the right tenant is essential, the wrong tenants, on the other hand, will waste your time, energy and money. This chapter is about marketing and pricing strategies to attract tenants, as well as tips to help you select the right tenant for your investment.

Chapter Headings 1 - 7 Keys6

Discover how a tenancy application is designed to disclose all the relevant information about the tenant and how to verify the information. You’ll also learn about the documentation you’ll need as required by legislation, and to protect your interests.

Chapter Headings 1 - 7 Keys7

Once you have good tenants, it’s important to keep them, and keep them house-proud. We look at the systems needed to help you monitor the condition of both the property and the tenancy. That way there’ll be no surprises, and you’ll be ready for anything.

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• Australia wide coverage
• Over 25 years property experience
• Advice on buying residential property
• Property taxation explained
• Landlord insurance put in plain words
• How to be ready to negotiate the right deal
• Australian property titles made clear
• How to serve notices to tenants
• Anti-discrimination
• Tips on how to renovate
• Hints for budgeting and cashflow
• Selling your investment

• Understanding your risk profile
• 100 point checklist for identification
• Receiving money from tenants
• Lease documentation
• Routine property inspections
• How to conduct an open house viewing
• Strategies, concepts and systems
• What is an emergency repair and what to do
• Ingoing and outgoing condition reports
• Holding fees and rent in advance
• Understanding fixed term and periodic leases
• Presentation for a great first impression

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About the author

George Astudillo has over twenty-five years' experience in leasing, managing and selling residential and commercial real estate, including fifteen years as the owner/principal of a national franchise real estate office. He is a licenced Real Estate Agent and Auctioneer and a member of the Real Estate Institute of NSW. He's worked alongside thousands of property investors, helping them maximise their investment, create wealth and build their financial future through residential property.

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